joi, 28 iulie 2011

Looking for something..

I took these pics today as I got a little time to walk through the park on my way home. It was a very hot day, so I tried to keep it simple with a floral skort and a simple white blouse.  I hope you like it.

Skort: Primark, Blouse: H&M, Sandals UGG, Sunglasses: Dior, Bag: Le Sac

duminică, 24 iulie 2011

Proud day for me

I have to share this with you because it really made my day when I received a message from the blogger of informing me that one of my looks was going to be on the blog as  one of the favourite outfits of the day. It's nice to know someone appreciates you so I'm taking this opportunity to thaank Lesbelles again.
If  you want to check it out, you can find it here:
Also, I'm recommending this blog. It's a really inspiraional source.

miercuri, 20 iulie 2011

I admit it. I have a problem. But how could you not buy this beautiful blouse...dress...whatever? I had no second thoughts, I had to have it! I even bought it in a bigger size because they did'nt have mine :) I found his little Vero Moda treasure in an outlet and the cost was next to nothing.
I hope you like it as much as I do.


marți, 19 iulie 2011

Salmon is the new black

I fell in love with salmon color <3
There are a lot of beautiful trends this summer. If you would have asked me two years ago..pleated was never thought to be on my wishlist..But here it is! The pleated skirt. I love it because it's so...flowy :)
Another trend I noticed to be very fashionable is the crop tee :) I got very lucky finding my lace one.It was on sale and it was a bargain. I couldn't have made a better deal :)
Having all this said, I really hope you like it because I love it! :) And that's what is important. You know what they have to feel good to look good :)

duminică, 17 iulie 2011

my dress crush

I fell in love with this dress as soon as I saw it. It was love at first sight. I waited for the perfect occasion to take it out on a night on the town. :) Actually, I must admit that I'm really proud of my shoes,too. I'm not kidding when I'm saying that I've been watching them for almost a year, waiting for my size to be on stock,but I got really lucky. They have  a 10 cm heel,but they are so comfortabe..
I really hope you like it as much as I do. :)

If it makes you feel pretty, then it's worth it!

ASOS Dress, ASOS Clutch, Iron Fist Pumps

vineri, 15 iulie 2011

Baby wants to go play

I want you to meet my lovely puppy. Her name is Baby and I belive she is the description of perfection :) I took these pictures while taking a walk with her.
I also hope you like what I'm wearing. It was a very hot and sunny day so I had to have all the supplies necessary : hat, sunglasses, water...
The dress and cotton bag are from Primark, the hat from Meli Melo and the sandals are Report. It's a very comfy look. And very appropriate for summer. :)
You likey? :)

miercuri, 13 iulie 2011

Bon Jovi Concert

This weekend my boyfriend surprised me with tickets for the Bon Jovi concert. It was amazing! The energy a concert this size gives you....speechless. And the band and singer are trully great artists...If  you ever have the chance, I reccomend it with all my heart.

I also hope you like what I'm wearing. I've been waiting the right moment to wear this dress. I bought it from Victoria's Secret foar about a month. It's so comfortable and also so chic, I think. I accesorized it with a little bag-belt. I think it;s cute, but I'll let you decide.

Take care!

miercuri, 6 iulie 2011

hey, you with the pretty flowers..

I don't think you can go wrong with an outfit, as long as you wear it with pride and you feel comfortable in it. I was going for a relaxed look. I was very happy to find this tee shirt last weekend as I took my mom shopping :) .It was a bargain, but I love the comfy look it can provide. Hope you like it, too. Kisses.

New Yorker Tee, Glow Skirt, H&M Headband, Forever 21 Bracelets,Meli Melo Ring, Stradivarius Bag, Nine West Flats

duminică, 3 iulie 2011

a walk through the old town

I've had this bag for years and redescovered it a little while ago. My mood these days isn't providing me with the impulse of being too dressy, I'm just looking for casual and I think the bag does just that. I accesorized my outfit with my star watch, I might say. It's a wach-ring and I love it because it's so unique. It can also be worn as a fabolous necklace.

H&M Skirt, ASOS Shirt, Stradivarius Jacket, Le Coq Sportif Bag, Nine West Flats, Fossil Watch-Ring, Ray Ban Sunglasses

little black dress on a saturday afternoon

 I love that it's such a comfortable look: a simple black dress and my all time favourite combination item for a dress: the denim jacket. Eventhough it's july, the weather has been very strange for this time of year and allowed me to take my jacket out of the closet. Hope you like it.

H&M Dress, Stradivarius Jacket, Le Coq Sportif Bag, Nine West Shoes, Ray Ban Sunglasses

vineri, 1 iulie 2011

not all it's cracked up to be


I hope you like my little look :) It's very simple,but the floral print gives a certain "je ne sai quoi" that can  always make you feel good and cute :)

Primark dress, Nine West flats, Boohoo belt, Baby Phat watch