joi, 23 iunie 2011

Frappucino wilderness safari

I must admit,I've been having a hard time lately with school and everything, but 30 relaxing minutes in the park on a nice,sunny day,can do wonders. It's a good thing to just let go sometimes.

Dress: Primark, Bag:Full Tilt, Sunglasses: Dior

luni, 20 iunie 2011

Hot child in the city

A walk through the old town.. It's a special time that I spend with my friends after a hard week. It's like a treasure hunt since we always end up shopping and looking for hidden treasures. There are a lot of interesting shops , including vintage ones. Finding a great dress always makes my day :)

In these pictures I'm wearing a Primark dress that by good friend bought me as a gift when I told her i looong for something with polka dots :) She's a great friend :)

duminică, 19 iunie 2011

rays of light

I took these pictures during my short, but much needed vacation last week. I really like these glimpses of light that appear in the pictures :) I bought the shorts last winter, so they've been waiting for a long time to see the light. I really hope you like it. Kisses

Shirt: Zara, Shorts: Bershka 

joi, 9 iunie 2011

We say Happy Birthday to Johnny Depp

Today we can say "Happy Birthday!" to Johnny Depp and thank him for being there to please our eyes both  with his great looks and great talent .
Am I right or am I right? :)

marți, 7 iunie 2011

Revlon Grow Luscious Plumping Mascara Commercial

What do we think about Pharell's appearance in this commercial?

floral skorts and beautiful necklace

I really,really love this necklace. Too bad it's not mine,but luckily my mom and I share custody of it :) I think it can bring the certain "je ne sais quoi" to any outfit.

sâmbătă, 4 iunie 2011

Introducing my obsession

Hello, Lovers!
I am proud to say that I am a Sex and the City MANIAC!! I am not  ashamed to admit that I've seen it at least 25 times (I stopped counting after that) and that I know all the lines by heart..

I never stop laughing, crying, getting goosebumps, getting mad, feeling angry, being happy, being childish. I always connect to their stories even if I've seen it and heard it all before..

 They've come a looong way.
 They're fabolous. :)

I don't want to sound tacky, but..I learned a lot from the show, I'm glad to be part of the Sex and the City generation. :)


casual friday

Since we don't have "casual friday" dresscode at work, I figured I'd play along with this "trend" and started dressing the part...  And since the weather allowed me, I took my red jacket out of my closet for the last time this summer, I think. It's a jacket I received as a gift and the brand is No Name Fashion, an israeli brand. I lov it's vivid colour.. And I think it can be the centerpeace of many outfits.

No Name Fashion Jacket, Pepe Jeans jeans, Primark Lace Tee,
 bracelets form H&M, Baby Phat Shoes

joi, 2 iunie 2011

orange pants

I've had these pants for two years and I think they were worn two times since then. Until now... They are now my favourite pair. I'm really happy for this colorblocking / bold colours trend, 'cause now I have the guts to flaunt them.

Pants : Ralph Lauren, Shoes : Nine West