sâmbătă, 31 martie 2012


 I took these pics last week, after a looong night celebrating a friend's b-day. My tired face can confirm that. But we took advantage of the weather and went for lunch with the girls the next day. I hope you like the pics and my little outfit. I had just received that dress as a present from my boyfriend's mom..I was excited to wear it because it's so cute :)

Zara dress, Stradivarius jacket, UGG boots

marți, 20 martie 2012

Put your shades on

It was a day of firsts for this year..first barbeque, first day I got to wear sunglases and shorts..Oh, how I missed these days.
The outfit is really simple,but I'm not the kind that overdresses in this situation :) I tried to keep it cool and casual and I took advantage of the great day and my sister to make a few photos. 

Let me know what you think.

Stay cool, lovelies!


Some random crazy photo of me and my sister :) 

I wore:
Bershka shorts, random cardigan, Meli Melo scarf, UGG boots

duminică, 18 martie 2012

Sun in the sky, you know how I feel

This weekend was the first in a long time when we had great weather! I mean the kind of weather that fills all the parks with people eager to feel the warmth of the sun again, the kind that makes the birds sing and flowers bloom and most importantly for me, the kind that puts a smile on my face :) I noticed that, like so many people, my mood depends very much on the weather..so...it was a happy weekend. 
I took my dog, Baby for a walk in the park, ate some icecream with my friend and relaxed a bit for this hard week that is to come.
I chose my outfit to be very comfy and casual. First of all, you'll notice the cap..it was my boyfriend's. He gave me all his caps that don't fit him anymore. I actually read an article saying that caps are back, they're the new black or something :). So I put together my american look, with my LA Clippers cap, my "I <3 NY" tee and my leather jacket (that I missed so much) and took Baby for a stroll.

Hope you'll like the pics!
Lots of love!


Baby and her new friend say "Hello!" :)

joi, 8 martie 2012

Marni Love

Hello, lovelies!

I was very lucky last night to be my sister's +1 at the MARNI at H&M fashion party, for the launch of the new collection.  I'm sure that by now everyone knows the items of the collection by heart, but I took some cute pics of some of the garments and accesories. 

We arrived there very enthuziastic and happy to see the new collection and participate to the event..When we got there it was crazy..photographers, press, waiters with champagne and evian, music..Everything was perfect....until we got to the part of the store where they displayed the MARNI collection..There were so many people,,you didn't have room to walk, not to mention look at all the products (I have to mention I hate crowded places). There were also fighting over things...It was a mad house.

But I got to look at a few things and I think it will be a very succesfull collection. I especially liked the fabrics. They are not for everyone to wear, but they're fabolous if you know how to walk that walk .

Now tell me what you think. Will you be purchasing something from the collection? What are your favourite items?

Considering this collection, I say we're off to a great start this spring.

Take care you guys. Kisses