miercuri, 24 august 2011

My crochet dream..

It seems I have a problem. Whenever things get hard for me, I find my comfort in shopping. And thank God for online shopping and the joy it brings me :) Shopping is my fix nowadays...and I have it really bad since I have no idea what happens to the money I earn.
 I found this beautiful River Island shirt with a crochet detail on the back on ASOS (my favourite online store, btw) and I got it for a great price. Couldn't believe it was only 12$. Besides the beautiful crochet detail, I love the asymetrical line it has. I think it's great how it combines two trends that are so..."now".
The bag is also new and also ASOS. I loved how it suits this new trend of "back to school". I think everyone agrees with me when I say that we need to make school more fun :)

Take care!

(I am wearing a River Island shirt, Pepe Jeans denim skirt, ASOS bag and Report sandals)

duminică, 21 august 2011

New shoes

Please meet my new shoes! :) I was longing for a pair of red shoes to brighten un my outfiits :) I guess I  was in the Dorothy mood when I ordered them. :)
I hope I'll be putting together a lot of cute outfiits with them :)

Love, Dee

vineri, 19 august 2011

Girl put in work, girl girl put in work

These are some other pictures I took while on my mini-vacation. I was looking for a casual look since I spent the whole day walking around and visiting new places. I needed comfortable and I was craving for a little "chic" in my outfit! Hope it turned out right and you like it. :)

Love, Dee

joi, 18 august 2011

maxi dress for a maxi fun day

Last week I went on a little trip with two of my friends and their group of friends..or..my new friends, I'm hopeing! We went to Sighisoara, an old medieval fortified city in our country and we took the road that pesses throuh the mountains, as you most certainly observed. The pictures couldn't capture the true beauty of the landscape, but I promise I'll post some pics with just the view and the sights.

As for what I'm wearing, I was a little confused with what to wear, because it took us 14 hours to get to our destination and I wanted to be really comfortable since I spent almost all day in the car. Keeping in mind that the road took us to different places with different climate, I figured I can't go wrong with a maxi dress, flats and a cardigan to keep me warm if necessary. I accesorized the outfit with a cute belt with zipper flower detail and a lovely hand-made necklace I got as a present :)

I really hope you like it. i'm wearing a H&M dress, Mango cardigan, Gabriella Rocha flats,  Boohoo belt, Stradivvarius bag and Ray Ban sunglasses.


vineri, 5 august 2011

Need advice

 I just messed a beautiful jacket by staining it with some paint. Don't ask how, I have no idea.. All I know I found the dry white stain of paint on my red cotton jacket. :( It's so sad, coz it's a beautiful jacket. The only thing I tried was nail polish remover and I actually managed not to mess it up even worse. But there are parts where the stain is too concentrated or too big and I have no idea how to fix it. Any suggestions? I would really appreciate it.
Thank you so much!