sâmbătă, 4 iunie 2011

casual friday

Since we don't have "casual friday" dresscode at work, I figured I'd play along with this "trend" and started dressing the part...  And since the weather allowed me, I took my red jacket out of my closet for the last time this summer, I think. It's a jacket I received as a gift and the brand is No Name Fashion, an israeli brand. I lov it's vivid colour.. And I think it can be the centerpeace of many outfits.

No Name Fashion Jacket, Pepe Jeans jeans, Primark Lace Tee,
 bracelets form H&M, Baby Phat Shoes

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La Mode En Rose spunea...

oh i like what you're wearing! it's more or less how i ook everyday to go to the university = )

kisses from La Mode En Rose = )