miercuri, 13 iulie 2011

Bon Jovi Concert

This weekend my boyfriend surprised me with tickets for the Bon Jovi concert. It was amazing! The energy a concert this size gives you....speechless. And the band and singer are trully great artists...If  you ever have the chance, I reccomend it with all my heart.

I also hope you like what I'm wearing. I've been waiting the right moment to wear this dress. I bought it from Victoria's Secret foar about a month. It's so comfortable and also so chic, I think. I accesorized it with a little bag-belt. I think it;s cute, but I'll let you decide.

Take care!

2 comentarii:

Life Masquerade spunea...

You look so great! And i also think that the bag- belt is lovely.:)

Lesbelles spunea...

I like your dress, you're so cut ! I will show as one of my next favourite outfits of the day on my blog !