luni, 24 octombrie 2011

New Jewelry

Accessories are really important in any outfit and sometimes... the bigger, the better :)  I  just love these. Guess does a great job. I especially like the LOVE necklace as it reminds me of Sex and the City :) I got them as a present from my boyfriend. Does he have good taste? :)  What do we think?

Love, Dee

6 comentarii:

Emmanuella spunea...

He has a real good taste, you're very lucky and I'm envious, I love butterflies like bees love the pollen haha lol good stuff :))

Dee spunea...

that was very deep and poetic :)) thank you

GoNcha GoNcha spunea...

loved your new jewelry! I just discovered your blog and became a follower. loved it!

Melissa Tchieu spunea...

that is my favorite among all the favorites :D
Enjoy reading ur blog too.

rebeltakipte spunea...

i love all of them :)

LeeAnne, Style N Season spunea...

I heart these! I love accessories! Well, here another stylish PhD candidate. In my US years, I knew one from Russia who wears stylish mini skirts everyday, she's just gorgeous. Funny thing is, I met many female bloggers who works in 'serious' fields like IT and engineering channelling their feminine side through blogs. Me included.

Please come and visit my blog when you have the time, I think you will like it. *cross my finger*

LeeAnne, Style N Season